Zenthai Shiatsu is a form of movement based therapy.

It is restorative, supportive, touch based.

Zenthai Shiatsu works to move energy in the direction it already wants to go.

It is practised on the floor, fully clothed, and each session lasts about 1.5 hours. 

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I trained in Zenthai Shiatsu at the Mt Ninderry Healing Centre in Yandina (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) with founder and teacher Gwyn Williams during 2017. One aspect of the training involved a two week intensive in Bali incorporating Ayurvedic study (traditional Indian medicine) in addition to Chinese Medicine taught by Gwyn. A life long interest in medicine - Western and Eastern - and a series of serious injuries have lent me to pursue a healing modality that allows me to integrate my knowledge. After many years of receiving treatments, Zenthai resonated most strongly for me. Each session is a completely different and intriguing experience. It is deeply healing, restorative and surprising. One tends to feel awakened and enlivened, blissful even, following a session. 
My professional career as a contemporary dancer and teacher, and being a devoted student of Iyengar yoga and anatomy for more than 15 years is what I am working to harness and share in my practice of Zenthai Shiatsu. I believe the intelligence of the body is too interrupted. Through focused touch, and advice on functional movement, the body can be encouraged to allow self healing to flow.
The aspect of moving the client's body on the floor with no force - 'effortless effort' - as Gwyn says -  is of particular interest to me; moving, lengthening, facilitating facial lines and sparking meridians to flow end to end. Allowing the whole earth to hold us up can be a good and rich experience. Zenthai Shiatsu invites reconnection with the experience of your own body. 
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Dance from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA @ ECU) 1999, Honours 2001, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (OUA) 2010, Masters by Research @ VCA/University of Melbourne (completion April 2019). 

Zenthai addresses:

·       discomfort, pain and chronic injuries

·       restricted joint mobility

·       low energy levels, ongoing fatigue

·       digestive trouble

·       low immunity

·       stress, anxiety and feelings of disconnection

·       assists in detoxification



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Blood, Ki and nerves form the foundations of our bodies internal pathways. For reasons emotional, psychological, physiological and habitual, the pathways become stuck, stagnant, dried up. The natural healing mechanisms of our body are challenged and the ‘free flowing river’ of Ki or energy stagnates. Drawing from Chinese medicine (and the five elements), Thai massage tradition techniques, some osteopathic concepts and the stillness of traditional Shiatsu, the body is encouraged - through focused intention - to descend into the parasympathetic zone so that it might heal, rest and restore Ki.