'Most dancers are not interested seriously about being dancers, not in a serious way…There are endless implicit visual messages about how we should be...Here there is more neon than nuance...Food is advertised rather than hunted for. I am not complaining because it is about 15,000 years too late to change direction. When I return to the country I am struck by the difference in what is required by the senses. Dance reminds us of the physical possibilities – refocuses our focusing mind...time, space, gravity…Dance will remind you of your feet, your spine, your reach…I think it’s good for us….'

Steve Paxton

Paea has been teaching for more than 15 years. When she began the focus was on physicality, speed, technical accuracy and floor-work. Something about 'training' as a dancer. Now, she is motivated by how to be in the body AS IT IS: changeable and changing, ageing and needing less, or more finite information that seeks no end and has no fixed decision about itself. The work is in the thinking-moving that is dancing-doing.  

Questions of beginning are important; how to work kinaesthetically and invite moving to emerge from a deeper lacuna of body. Unhinging the body from itself, hearing the noise, decreasing the noise. Allowing intelligence to meet ease. The work, then, is in and with and through the body in motion - a potentialising laboratory.  

Paea has been 'watching bodies' for a long time and as her choreographic work forefronts the materiality of the actual and physical imagination of the individual and questions of how to merge these with concept; so too her teaching is inherently interested in each body - limitations, history, eccentricities, vulnerabilities, potentiality and natural tendencies. Her classes range from basic to advanced 'techniques' for moving; inclusive of and not limited to somatic work, alignment and structural concepts, experimentations with 're-languaging' movement and improvisation. The palette shifts depending on who is in the space. It is interesting to read this dynamic and respond. 

Paea teaches technique classes, weekend workshops for dancers, choreographic writing workshops, community workshops.