Karanga means to call out and to call in at once, to send a voiced vibration (song) into the world. It is old this song. From where we stand - women, artists, one queer, one mother, Australian, Māori - and in considered relation to the social and political conversations of our world, we ask how we can work with the concept of Karanga.

What do we want to call out for, and how is the body affective and affected in this action? What are the words, what is the energy of the calling, how does it feel and how is it shared?

What is it like to embody the concept of karanga in a contemporary performance model? How does it feel and how might it be shared? What does it sound like? How does it move?

Karanga is a duet: resilient, dark, receiving. It is a performance experiment and a bodily encounter with fragments, energies, power and grief.

Premier at Basement theatre with TEMPO festival (as a work in progress) - Auckland, Aotearoa, October 2019.

karanga #2.JPG

Te Aroha me

Te Mamae

Where there is love there is pain….