Body like a neon sign

Should dance (mostly) be concerned with what it 'means to be human' and / or assigned the task of meaning making?  The body highly trained can harness its knowledge to resist the sometimes suffocating nature of ‘training’.  What might happen then?

A more plastic space might be created, where the question is not what the choreography or the 'steps' are. Instead, the attention is on how the dancers inhabit (any) movement toward activating and maybe amplifying kinaesthetic intensity with the affect being the kind we can only sense in our own witnessing body. 

A 15 minute study of moving. Multiple states, shifting attention, finite to gross body, slipping across the surface of so many things, conversations, ways of 'dancing'. Pina Bausch and the Rite of Spring, performed trios, excessive attempts at 'meaning', the role of jazz movement in our embodied histories. Lineages that are moving across each other, the dancing catching fragments and continuing. A trio; an experiment undertaken in ten short rehearsals into multiplicity, intensity, possibility and where personal ethics and aesthetics collide in the process of making dancing as well as the doing of the dancing. 

Created with dancers Jenni Large, Harrison Hall and Ashlee Mc Lellan at Dancenorth as part of Tomorrow Makers season (April 2017). 

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