1. The others

Upholster my very cheer, go on, that's what we are waiting for

smear it in a black that's blacker than black

because out that window, as the moon faces crack a thought,

it all seems so painful

maybe they will sit on this settee alongside me

soil their linen pants

because the black always rubs off

that blacker than black


2. Pin hole mercy

 the surface seemed so complete

one big lick with the tongue and the whole thing was covered

nothing left behind, nothing new ahead

save one small mercy

poking through


sounds like disco, and that always make the rhythm simple cause

everything is trying to understand the human spirit with endless chatter

give em a steel strap


3. Babylon

first there were wooden ones

now they are metal and wave in the wind, hello

those monstrosities that poke through the ceiling of sense

looking for love


or a face to cover their own

a big mask, horny

like a goat's or troglodyte's

but if we go flat, parallel even

scoop up all the slack, smother it dead


we can hold hands and shimmy to the little tat, tat, tittle

 toast the hosts of our own stupidity


Text by Dr Jodie Mc Neilly and Paea Leach and integrated as a type of 'choral singing' into the sound score. 

A collaboration between Dr Jodie McNeilly, classical composer Adrain Kingwell and Paea Leach. Presented at Sydney Conservatorium of Music for Dance Meets Music 2014.