Dancer. Dance maker.

Writer. Mother. Thinker. 


Paea has worked as a dancer/performer in Australia and Europe. She has developed a choreographic rigour and questioning, a career as a dancer and gathered education as a yogi along the trajectory.

As a performer she has worked for companies Chunky Move Melbourne, Australian Dance Theatre Adelaide, PVC Germany, Perth Theatre Company and most recently with EASTMAN Belgium. With them she has toured nationally and internationally. 

She has worked with independent dance and theatre makers. She has performed in Bagryana Popov's adaptation of The Cherry Orchard, Equus as staged by Perth Theatre Company and in numerous small improvisation evenings. She was one of nine who re-performed Marina Abramovic's Luminosity in Sydney 2013. She has been making work since completing university. 

Paea graduated from Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) at Edith Cowan University in Perth W.A in 1999. In 2001 she completed an Honours degree in choreography, and an Anatomy and Physiology course through Open Universities Australia in 2010. In 2017 she completed Zenthai Shiatsu training in Yandina, Mt Ninderry, QLD.  

She has lived in multiple cities in Australia and Europe. She has travelled to a plethora of countries including Tibet, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru. 

Her first work was white, gasping #1 in beauty (WAAPA 2002). She has continued to make work funded and unfunded since graduation. As a young dancer she was funded for an apprenticeship with Emio Greco P.C in Amsterdam and to take workshops across Europe. In Perth she showed work: Voyeur, Vibratile, Rumi project among many others as a member of the STRUT independent dance scene. 

She developed a program of solos with Dr Simon Ellis and Shannon Bott (2004- 2006) ; 4 acts of violence leading up to now and Housework. These were shown at Dancehouse Melbourne, Artrage Festival Perth and Roehmapton university UK. 

Since 2009 Paea has been harnessing a writing dancing & improvisation practice with Perth dance artist Jo Pollitt. It is a practice that works to situate the physicality of writing as an equal to moving, and to forefront the accumulation of a shared understanding of tone and the inescapable clashing/merging of 'life and art', as the distinguishing feature of their works. Together they have made six works: The distance project 2009, the economy of loss 2011, quiet beast 2010-2012, Amplified beast 2013, Divided 2013, Beast #3 underground 2014

This practice of writing and responding in the slipstream of delay, her physical experience and knowledge seeking as a dancer, and a series of very serious injuries, have led Paea to a practice more fully based in writing and improvisation, yoga and attention to experiential somatic practices. Then her work as a dancer was intensely physical and sometimes dangerous. Now with then the interest attends to regenerative and intelligent modes of working. The relationship is changing. 

Most recently she created The Difficult Comedown with Alexandra Harrison for Dance Massive (2019) and Karanga, a solo show presented with Vicky Kapo in Aotearoa (2019). She made one and one and one for the Keir Choreographic Award (2016) with performance poet Candy Royalle, and a site specific work the lines of birds (2014) with sound artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, presented by Chunky Move for Next Move. 

Paea has taught professional classes for Chunky Move, ADT, Bangarra, in Antwerp, Berlin and Finland. She has taught at a tertiary level for more than ten years, runs workshops for community groups, as well as choreographic series, and is engaged as a mentor at times. She was the curator for First Run at Lucy Guerin inc 2016.

Paea has an ongoing commitment to process, accumulation, discourse and becoming. She has just completed a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) by Research through the University of Melbourne/VCA. The focus of the research is kinaesthetic attention as an enabler of dancers’ agency.


Photograph by Sarah Rowbottam, Perth, CIA Studios 2011.